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Winter Trends You Need To Follow In 2021

by ADEX360 Private Limited 12 Oct 2021

If dressing up to look trendy is your mantra, then you must keep on reading to find out the latest fashion tips to follow for winter 2021. So make your mark by wearing the trendiest of new fashion dress with Breakout’s new fall-winter collection for men, women and kids. 

With this year’s designs at Breakout stores, you don’t have to give up on being warm and cosy in name of fashion and style. The printed hoodies, sweat-shirts, cape shawls, jackets and pants are the go-to new dress options for girls and boys if you’re planning to hit the couch for a stay-cation or a vacation up in the north.  So go ahead and shop away your favourite winter clothing options. 

Geometric Prints 

Not in the mood for even a small talk? Then let your outfit do the talking for you by putting on our geometric designed outfits this winter season. Our geometric designed cape shawls for women, re available in various prints such as tribal weave designs, checkered, and multi-coloured, some of which are double-sided for the quick wardrobe change. These cape shawls are extremely warm and fashionably irresistible that your entire winter look will impress everyone in your friend circle. We’ve even got the latest and most trending knitted cord sets sweaters and sweatshirts for ladies that are also available in these stylish geometric prints, currently being the latest trends in ladies suits 2021 for winter wear.

Legging up

Leggings should find a way into your winter wardrobe this season. They can be easily worn underneath the latest designer dress in winters to keep you warm and look oh-so-fabulous at the same time. Breakout’s denim jegging for women does the job quite well.  They look super classy in the chilly weather making sure you get style and comfort both in the price that you pay. On a side note, we’d recommend you to get a pair of black jeggings so that they can be worn with any coloured or latest party wear dresses 2021

All in Denim

The head to toe denim look is back again, and we at Breakout are bringing this fashion statement for you all. Denim jackets are always adored by all fashion designers and stylists. So this winter season slay your style by putting on new jackets- the original blue jeans toned. With Breakout’s latest collection you can play with various cuts, styles and the range of washes for denim. Well, there’s a plain denim jacket, hooded denim jackets, short denim’ jackets, and even shoulder pleated denim jackets for both men and women to add some variety to your winter wardrobe. 

Colour therapy-all that you need

The winter season is usually associated with warm, earthy, neutral, tones. However, this year, give a little spin to your winter wardrobe with some colour therapy.  A colourful wardrobe instantly makes you feel better isn’t it so?


So switch your neutrals and pick out neon coloured outfits from our stores, including men’s fleece hoodies, a button-down shirt, zippers, stripped jackets, sweatshirts and a lot more. Similarly, ladies can choose from pastel-shaded tees, printed sweaters, jackets, hoodies and much more from our stores and even online. So go on and add some pop of colour to your fall collection this winter season.

What’s in and what’s out

We have been insisting on the fact that skinny jeans are out and wide-legged jeans are very much in style.  Not only are the wide-legged jeans comfortable but also look effortlessly cool. Girls, if you’re looking for the ultimate best jeans 2021, then grab these hot sellers right away. The range of wide-legged jeans at Breakout includes styles such as bleached bottom wide-legged jean,  contrast stitch, checkered, belted, slouchy and many more styles to amaze you. 

Knitted cords

Want the real deal when it comes to dressing up for the cold gushy winds? Knitted cord sets are the answer. They not only look sassy but keep you warm and fuzzy too! Sweater dressing has been ramped up a notch this year for sure.

Look out for knitted sweatshirts, chunky knitted sweaters and knit jogger pants for the ultimate casual yet cool attire this winter season. The knitted range comes in various styles including colour blocking, stripes, Turkish acrylic sweaters, sleeveless, v-neck, polo sweaters, high necks and the list goes on. Pair up these hot sellers with our comfy new trousers- the knit jogger pants that are casual yet secretly dressy. We can easily state these knitted sets as the staple new clothes for men this winter season. 

Solids and front open cardigans

Coming to the sweater collection at Breakout for women, solid coloured and front open knitted cardigans are all the rage! It is so because you can easily layer up under these front open cardigans and pair them with all kinds of jeans and tops. These sweaters come in stylish and feminine cuts along with the right level of warmth that you will need to pack for the icy weather. 

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