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Top 4 Winter Fashion Trends To Follow With Breakout’s Winter Edition 2021

by Adeel Abbas 17 Nov 2021

It’s officially gotten to the point where it has started to get cold, the fans have been switched off and all of us have started to drape ourselves in some layers.  This year Breakout brings you the top 4 trendy winter fashion styles to follow this winter season, to stay ahead of everyone’s fashion game. Well if you are counting days till the chilly cold days arrive, and are looking for some winter inspiration for your closet, you have come to the right place. 

We have rounded up for you the top five trends from our winter wear collection 2021, that you'll see everyone wearing around you. So what are you all waiting for? Scroll down right now to find out below all the latest winter fashion inspo you’ll need. And if you’re looking for more fashion ideas, check out the fall collection for men, women and kids, accessories including bags, scarves and shoe trends in our stores and online while you’re at it!

Below Are Top 4 Winter Fashion Trends To Follow 

1-The uber-cool turtle neck 

From men, women to kids, you’d see everyone wear turtle necks around you at all times. They provide warmth instantly and add some volume to your overall attire as well. Our latest collection of winter sweater for ladies, men and girls has an extensive range of stylish turtle necks in amazing colours. From pinks, teal, black, white, blue, to beige to the trendy yet minimalistic neutrals, we have a stash of uber-cool turtle necks. You may tuck them conveniently under any zipper, jacket, or even a hoodie, and pair them with skinny jeans, or any kind of lowers. 


Girls can wear an elegant piece of the chunky metallic or bold pendant to look more appealing. On the other hand, guys can simply put on any men’s winter jackets such as a leather or puffer jacket on top of turtle neck sweatshirts and wear it on top of cropped skinny jeans for the ultimate hunk factor. 

2-Be more playful with vivid colours this winter season


Every winter season, we happen to see dark and deep tones dominate the wardrobe for men, women and kids. Breakout is here to break the monotony with its bold and bright collection of warm clothes for winter for all. Turn everyone's sight towards you by draping these bright and vivid coloured sets from head to toe. While solids make the next big trend for the current and New Year, why not make it more fashionable and cool with a bold colour selection. 


The men’s section has some fabulous winter shirts for men and jackets such as the neon yellow reflective hoodie, fur-lined bomber jacket in yellow, tie and dye fleece hoodie in ice blue, and even knit jogger pants in various bright colours. Meanwhile, kid’s winter clothing has a splendid variety of bright coloured sweatshirts, jackets, and zippers. 

3-Say it with your denim wear


Denim wear is a unique dressing style that always makes a comeback every year, and every season. At Breakout we have plenty of men and women’s winter jackets in denim fabric such as trucker denim jackets, faded jacket, cropped jacket, oversized, patchwork denim jackets and many more. Our jackets and zippers collection is everything you’d ever want this winter season, so look out for the hottest and stylish winter jackets men’s category at Outfitters. And what could be even better if you already know your size well, simply order it online and get it delivered to your doorstep in two to three working days. 


Denim jackets are not only stylish but also promising in the sense that they keep you quite warm and cosy. For a sleek look, a girl can wear it on top of a crop top, or a buttoned-down shirt and pair it with a mom-jeans or even skinny pants. Meanwhile, guys can create their stylish winter dress for men by wearing it on top of a sweatshirt or a buttoned-down shirt.

4-Drape yourself ponchos and capes

The fashion runways are back with the latest edition of beautifully styled and printed ponchos and capes for the winter season. With so many latest styles such as tribal prints, stripes, tie & dye, bold solids, faux fur, embroidered, and many others at Breakout you'd find them all. 


Our warm and soft woollen capes and ponchos are perfect to be draped over when you can’t decide to find what to wear. Simply pull over one of our capes or ponchos, and pair them with skinny pants and high knee boots and Voila! You’re ready like a diva.  Ditch those winter sweater for ladies and go for these fashionable capes. And just so you know, these even make the most cute winter outfit for little ladies for winter birthday parties and fun activities. As a mother, you won’t have to worry about your little girl feeling cold with one of our stylish capes. 

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