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The Ins And Outs For Summer Wardrobe 2021

by ADEX 360 29 Mar 2021

Breakout has taken the charge of saving you from the fashion police. So take a breath of fresh air, sit back and relax! Time to declutter your wardrobe with the latest what haves and whatnots!

Skinny Jeans out; Flared Pants in!

One of the latest updates in women's wear is that skinny jeans are outdated! If you want to stand out from the rest, then wear something like flared pants or pleated pants.

At breakout you will be able to find a variety of such pants; floral designs, stripes, side piping, belted paper bag pants, pleated pants! So spice up your entire look with these modern trousers for women.

However, if you still can't let go of your love for ladies jeans pants, then head over to the jeans/denim section where you will find some cool pair of mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, flared jeans, and embroidered denim.

A little party for you!

Bring out your chic side by draping yourself in the coolest looking dresses. This summer’s all about one piece party dresses for women. Get yourself a fabulous dress like the one at Breakout; a long yellow colored dress with polka dots, or the peach long dress with floral print, to make you look oh so gorgeous!

What’s more into it is that you may wear these party wear dress with any bohemian sandals or even sneakers for any day time event and if you plan to go out for a nighttime event, wear it with heels or wedges for the perfect look.

Dazzle in menswear at Breakout.

For a sleek yet handsome wardrobe up-gradation, your next stop shop must be Breakout stores. You even have the option of buying men’s clothes online with no delivery charges on all orders above RS.2500.

Half sleeves out, Cap sleeves in.

We have a dazzling collection of t-shirts and dress shirts keeping in view the latest men’s fashion. This year’s summer season is going to be sweltering hot, and as men usually have to stay out of home most of the times, so our baggy hoodie tee shirts with cap sleeves are ideal for men. Talking about cap sleeves they are a big hit for this year and at Breakout, you can find a variety of shirts with such sleeves. The rotary printed shirts or the oversized hoodie tee are a perfect choice in this scenario. Impress your friends around you with these uniquely designed shirts and look effortlessly cool at the same time.

Solid shades out, pastel shades in

Outfits for women and men this summer will be all about pastel hues. Be it printed or plain shirt, sharp bright colors are out and a big NO! Say hello to fresh and cool pastel hues.

Our men’s collection is full of such pastel hues with fabulous designing; however, we also don’t want to disappoint those who prefer solid dark shades. These pastel hues can be worn easily with any colored men’s jeans.

Stretchable chinos in for this summer

We believe that any colored chinos should be a part of every man’s wardrobe, and at Breakout you will witness a great variety of stretchable chinos in a vast array of colors, such as army green, maroon, rusty orange, royal blue and so forth.

Walk with style in Breakout pants.

Head over to our stores to find out the latest collection of men’s pants to go with any polo t-shirt or buttoned-down shirt for a crisp look. Ranging from stretchable pants to textured pants, these can be paired with almost any shirt and shoe style for a smart and savvy look.

Pyjamas out, jogger pants in.

Casual can be dressed in a cool way too now. You don’t have to look rough and rugged in your stay-at-home casual clothing. Trousers for men at Breakout come in various styles keeping in view your comfort and style. The modern world requires you to stay fit and take care of your health; hence, the smart tapered style jogger pants are a great pick for your workout or jogging session. These are sleek in design and the knitwear material they are made of makes them extremely comfortable to wear.

Yes to skinny pants, NO to straight pants.

Long gone are the days when we used to see boys with jeans hanging down by their waist. Modern fashion is all about skin fit denim wear! The focus is to enhance one’s overall body length and to make them boys look smart and handsome. This skinny denim can be paired up with any style of shirt. Be it a dress shirt, buttoned-down shirt, mandarin collared, polo tee, or even a plain t-shirt.

Now that you know what’s supposed to go out of your wardrobe, and what must stay in, get ready to outshine in Breakout clothing.

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