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Learn The Ultimate Fashion Trends From The Breakout Summer

by ADEX 360 16 Apr 2021

Summer is here to stay for a long time, so why not dress up fashionably in trendy and comfortable outfits. Breakout is back again with its newest collection of fun-filled summer outfits for men, women and kids. With details of the latest shirts and pants for all, we will also highlight the fashion accessories that will make your outfit look cool.

Summer Caps

Men’s clothing is not only limited to shirts and pants but also include accessories that make their overall attire dashing. Therefore, caps are one of those clothing items that are an ideal piece of accessory to be worn on hot days. We have got a cool and sporty collection of these caps and casual summer hats at all our stores and online as well. If you prefer carrying active-look attire, then the sporty P-cap is the perfect choice for you.

These caps can be worn in the day time with any casual outfit.  Whereas if you simply want to show off your style then pair up the summer hats, along with any t-shirt and men’s jeans.  Hats are quite useful other than being a piece of a fashion statement as it protects the skin and complexion from harmful sunrays.


Dear men, who say that you can’t add some fun and quirk element to your wardrobe. Grab some cool pairs of socks from Breakout stores to add some pop of colour to your overall look. You will be able to find plenty of summer ankle socks at our stores and online in an economical price range and of great quality. These socks are extremely comfortable to put on with any casual trousers for men and don’t you worry about sweaty feet as these hot pair of socks are breathable, ideally made for the summer season.


Your fashion dictionary needs an up-gradation if you think that summer outfits for men list shorts as beachwear only. Men’s shorts are the trendiest clothing item this year and are best worn with any casual T-shirt along with sneakers or a pair of loafers and top it off with some hot looking aviators for a more chic look.

It’s all about patterns


Like floral are for women, stripes are for men’s fashion. Hence at our outlets, you can find a great variety of striped shirts and buttoned shirts for all casual gathering and semi-formal occasions.

For instance, the brightly coloured striped pique polo shirts are uniquely designed shirts that give a cool sporty vibe. We have some amazing sporty shirts that are equally good for casual wear and semi-formal; such as the rugby polos with vertical stripes, and high-density vertical stripes t-shirts. We aim to provide you with a vast variety of comfortable and trendiest fashion clothing in an affordable price range, all under one roof.

Summer Sandals

Talking about the latest women’s fashion, we can’t miss out on stylish footwear. As the famous saying goes “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”, so head over to the stores to try out your favourite pair and slay with your summer outfits for women.

We recommend you to check out the cute pair of strawberry printed slippers that are just perfect to wear on an all-girls trip. These flip flops can be easily worn with any jeans for women. The collection also features straps sandals, high sneakers, chunky sneakers and so forth, ensuring that you feel confident and comfortable in these modern pair of shoes.


Recently over the last couple of years, belts have become a fashion statement. They have become an integral part of the outfit in both western and eastern wear and add great substance to the entire outfit.

You can check out the transparent wide strapped belts at our stores that will instantly lift your entire attire if worn over any kind of pants for women.  On the other hand, pleated belts are classic and the safest options as they are sleek in design and easy to style over any type of trousers for women.

Handbags and clutches.

A handbag or a clutch is a women’s best buddy regardless of her age. Girls love to carry one since the beginning of their childhood, and probably keep on carrying them till old age as well. Women clothing is never complete with the right kind of matching bag, therefore we ensure that your entire summer wardrobe essentials are here for you along with the latest bags such as the tassel clutch bags, fur clutch bags and the most viral and trending one, the rushed clutch bag!

Marine inspiration

The yard dyed nautical tees at our stores and online clothes shopping is a hit this season as they come in a super cool and vibrant colour range just at Rs. 1299. They are the best comfort tees for all boys and best for the outdoors.

Graphic Tees

Our love for graphic tees can never go away; hence we always come up with cute yet sophisticated graphic tees for women. For girls, casual summer dresses usually comprise t-shirts that are easy to wear and style for day and night.

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