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Breakout’s New Collection is The go-to For All of us This Season

by Adeel Abbas 23 Dec 2021

Breakout– a brand of young, casual wear for people who love their freedom, but love their comfort just as much. You may have seen us advertised on Facebook or Instagram; now you can see our clothes in person before you buy them. We’re here to make sure your pants feel like pajamas and your shoes feel like slippers. All at an affordable price! The latest clothes for ladies and the most trendy winter clothes for men.

The Latest Fashion Trends 2021 are here, and We’re So Excited!

The fashion industry is a rapidly moving machine and is constantly evolving — trends that were front-and-center last season are already old news, and retailers are already planning their 2022 lines. And if you're a consumer who loves to stay on top of the latest trends, you'll be happy to know we've got all the details on what's in store for the upcoming winter and New Year. We are here to keep you ahead of the curve.

The fashion trends and new trending dresses we see all over the runways and on Instagram, for example, could be the key to your next outfit or you could be introduced to your perfect new style dress 2021 for new year’s eve. With that in mind, we've rounded up the latest winter fashion trends we predict will be huge in 2022 — meaning new styles you'll want to try ASAP.

Keeping up with the latest trends can be overwhelming. But, while it might seem like the world of fashion can change in the blink of an eye, if you look at seasonal patterns over the past few years, you'll start to notice a few key trends that just keep coming back. Like if we have a look into the latest fashion for men in 2021, the trend of oversized sweaters has also been on the forefront after a long while, 90’s fashion keeps coming back and going still.

There's no denying that fashion is a cyclical industry where trends rise and fall. But with the speed at which fashion lovers can disseminate information these days, it's not uncommon for certain trends to have an accelerated life cycle. Current fashion trends 2021 with the best prices are available at Breakout outlets in stores and online as well. 

Breakout’s new trending clothes are the best choice for you this winter

This green and grey-tone sweater is the perfect casual plus semi-formal wear for your winter closet. This is the kind of sweater that’s going to become a staple in your rotation. Perfectly fitted with a relaxed feel and a stylish cut, it’ll be your new go-to whether you’re chilling at home or out on the town.


Plus, it’s made from our premium cotton loopback knit for an ultra-soft feel you won’t soon forget. The Fitted Sweater is a highly versatile wardrobe staple in the new fashion for men. It looks great dressed up or down and works well with jeans, chinos, slacks, etc. The 100% cotton fabric is soft and comfortable. Our pant shirt new style 2021 gives your personality a tinge of class and elegance.

Along with this, breakout brings to you the best color combinations for men and the latest fashion trends for women as well as the most amazing collection of winter accessories. 

Hoodies and sweatshirts

A must-have for the colder weather, our Contract Panel Hoodie will keep you warm and comfortable during the winter months. The wonderfully warm design is made with windproof fabric, specially designed to block out the wind while comfortably trapping in your body heat. The hoodie also features front pockets, perfect for storing your phone and important belonging so you can keep them close by while you're out on the town.


Use our new in clothing contract panel hoodie to keep warm against the elements this winter. The windproof fabric will help you stand up to the cold, and the off-white fur will give you a sophisticated look, even if you’re acting a little goofy. With a slim-fit cut, this stylish hoodie is bound to keep your look on point. We have many more clothing ideas for you in our new style jacket and hoodies section. Read more to get these amazing ideas for your perfect outfit!

Thermal knit sweater – The new shirt style 2021 


The Thermal knit sweatshirt by Breakout is cozy and warm in an elegant mustard color. The thermal material will keep you warm during the cold winter months, and the oversized fit is both trendy and great for layering. It's also a great choice for those looking to stay warm while watching outdoor sports such as hockey or football. The knit fabric is soft and breathable on the inside, while the outer surface provides insulation and protection from wind. 

The latest fashion trends for women 

Sooner or later, every woman wants to be beautiful. It is a natural aspiration that most women have. Who can blame them and their obsession with looking good with the new trending dresses? The fashion industry is one of the largest in the world. Its products are so fashionable that they are simply irresistible and you will find yourself wanting to buy them as soon as you lay your eyes on them. Find out the latest fashion trends 2021 at our NEW-IN Section:

We have compiled a list of the latest fashion trends that are hitting the road. So what are you waiting for? Read and enjoy! With many different types of women's fashion available and new stylish dresses party wear, it is hard to decide either to choose party wear or casual? We carry a large range of fashion to complement all shapes and sizes, whatever your preference, there is something out there to suit you. Take a look at our latest fashion trends for women, and discover what we have available. We need to share with you the latest fashion trends for women to keep you up to date with the high street.

Dresses and new style shirts


A dress with a twist—this article has been on our topmost favorite list of new trending dresses. The print on this piece is inspired by the traditional fabric used to make men’s ties. With a slightly A-line silhouette, this piece is perfect for the office or somewhere out. Pair it with sleek heels or high boots and a bold bag to instantly add interest to any ensemble. Made from luxury fabric, you’ll be comfortable all day long. It is made from bamboo fabric, so you know that it feels oh-so-soft on your skin as well as is sustainable and eco-friendly. Pair with flats for a casual look, or dress up with heels for an evening event. 

Plaid is back in Fashion!! 

Set yourself apart from the rest and stand out from the crowd this season. This Plaid Loose Button-Down Shirt is the perfect piece to elevate any outfit, your new shirt style whether you're at work or out with friends this season. Pair with your favorite denim jeans or a cozy pair of jeggings to complete the look your outfit needs.

This shirt has a relaxed fit, so if you are between sizes I would recommend sizing down. Pair this with your favorite denim jeans or leggings to complete your look! But we can't help but imagine it with a skirt or blazer. It's perfect for just about any occasion. This shirt is made out of recycled cotton, so you're helping the environment and looking good at the same time. Need we say more?

Jeans and Trousers – Latest trousers style for ladies

Who doesn't love a pair of jeans? Whether you're five years old or fifty, everybody loves jeans. They're timeless, classic, and trendy. They can be worn in a casual setting or paired with a dressier outfit for a night out. There are so many options when it comes to denim, any style can look great. The difference is that jeans are casual, and you don't wear them in formal situations. You can wear them on a day-to-day basis, but they're generally not considered appropriate in professional settings. This is where trousers come in.

Jeans or trousers?

You're probably wondering whether you should wear a pair of trousers or a nice pair of jeans with your outfit. Well don't worry, we've got you covered. Here's our friendly guide to the importance of jeans and trousers, as well as what to wear them with.

Breakout introduces you here to the Latest clothes for ladies 2021 trends. 

Baggy and boyfriend jeans are the new fashion now!

Check out our range of pant shirt new style 2021 men and women before this New Year. These stylish baggy jeans are an easy and comfortable way to wear a casual outfit in the office, paired with a simple white shirt and loafers or heels. If you're after a more formal look, throw on a blazer and lace-up shoes for work, or add a jacket to your casual look for drinks after work with the girls.

We've got you covered no matter how you choose to wear them! Made from a lightweight fabric that makes them comfortable enough to wear all day long. Wash and dry with ease to maintain the look and feel of these jeans. Whether you prefer straight-leg jeans or slight bootcut styles, we have it all! And with sizes ranging from XS to XL, finding your perfect fit has never been easier. 


These trousers are easy and comfortable to wear. The quality fabric is suitable for any season and all occasions. The greyish beige color is elegant and sophisticated. The diamantes at the bottom of the trousers add a glamorous touch to them. These trousers will become your favorite pair of trousers in no time! The straight cut makes them very easy to style with many different items of clothing, like a blouse or an A-line jacket. These pants work well with everything! We recommend wearing them tucked into a pair of heels or even flats if that's your thing. 

Our clothes are made for men and women who are looking to be the coolest in their city. We want them to look and feel like the trendsetters they are, and we can help them do that. We would love for you all to try and follow these latest Pakistani fashion trends 2021 and pull off this latest collection by breakout in the best way possible!

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