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Breakout’s Must-have Winter Accessories For Men & Women

by Adeel Abbas 25 Nov 2021

The winter season is all about layering up and packing to stay warm and cosy. But if you think that a warm jacket, a cardigan, or knitted pants will be more than enough, you are mistaken. It’s always about the right kind of layering and accessories that you put on to keep yourself comfy enough. Therefore accessories such as woolen caps, scarves, gloves, socks, etc. are a must-have in this cold season to avoid catching a common cold, stiff joints or weird body aches. 

We bring you the must-have and the coolest winter accessories that you can purchase from Breakout exclusively. These stylish accessories will not only block the chilly air creeping in your clothes that tend to give you goosebumps but will also enhance your overall attire. Check out the detailed review of the must-have and trendy accessories online that you should have in your closet.

The essential winter accessories

Breakout is your one-stop shop, where you not only get the latest and hippiest clothing articles but some sassy options when it comes to women and men accessories. You name it; we have got it for you!

From a chic collection of leather belt for men, classy and comfortable shoes for both genders, dapper sunglasses, sleek leather gloves we have everything to complete your winter essentials as listed below.

Tuck in with leather belts for men

Leather and cold weather are made for each other. In other words, leather clothes and accessories are a staple around this time of the year, and at Breakout we have got some sleek leather belt for men that are perfect to be worn over any dress pants or jeans. An array of strikingly elegant shades such as black, dark black, rustic brown, light brown, dark brown, and many more, to match with multiple outfits are available. Moreover, the metallic buckles on these belts are extremely chic, for a perfect tucked-in look and to be worn on any formal event such as weddings, dinners, BBQ get together, bonfire etc. 

Men are always on the go! And some of them have to face the gushing cold winds every day on their way to work. In this case, multiple winter accessories are helpful to keep their bodies warm and safe from any cold, or body aches! Below are some of the articles listed below that are a must-have for such men and even women who are always on the go:

  • Woollen cap
  • Knitted scarf
  • Hand gloves
  • Socks

Self-care is priority

Taking care of your-self in every season is essential, and as mentioned above for men and even women who have to travel in public transports, on their bikes or bicycles, the first thing they must cover is their hands. In that case, buying gloves for men and women is vital! You don't want numb fingertips when starting the day at your workplace.

At Breakout we have some smart fitting gloves for women and men in various fabrics such as leather, suede, parachute, and even knitted material. These pair of gloves are free sized and come in a lot of different shades that you can wear with your casual clothes as well for the extra hot-looking points.

Wrap it around

As much as turtle neck sweaters and jumpers are in fashion for this season, there comes a time when you feel the need to add an extra layer of warm clothing. Knitted scarves for women and men are very much in trend and can be easily paired with any dressing style. Men accessories such as woollen scarves come in very handy during the winter-wedding season as well. The statement dapper look for men at weddings is to wear a scarf over any shalwar kameez and contrasting blazer. Similarly, girls can wear them over any jacket or hoodie for a casual or outdoor gathering. 

Keep it safe 

The clothes that you wear say a lot about your personality. But the accessories that you carry to an event or occasion make a lot of difference. A wrong coloured bag, a miss-matched pair of shoes or the wrong choice of hair accessories for women can either be an image breaker or maker. 


For instance, men’s wallet speaks a lot about their personality, as to how they manage their minute tasks etc. Therefore our colourful and smart collection of leather wallet for men and women, come in handy for everyone. With spacious pockets and zipped compartments, and chic buckles for added elegance, you can now smartly manage your cash every day. 

Cover your head for the chilly days

Knitted or woollen cap for men and women have lately become an essential winter accessory and is a must buy. Breakout has got a stunning collection of winter cap for men and women, including pearl-embellished caps, printed caps, cable knitted caps, sequins caps and many other fancy and casual hats and caps.

Since boys who have less hair coverage and generally speaking too, they need to cover their heads more often when travelling in public transports usually. Whereas girls wear for both reasons, i.e. to stay warm and for a fashionable statement look. 

Say it with your socks

You can speak about your choice of clothes and accessories. It also holds for the accessories that you wear to match with your outfits, such as women’s and men’s dress socks, ankle socks, sports socks, or casual socks. Men's socks are more of a crucial choice as they too can be an image-maker or breaker. A wrong pair of printed socks with your dress pants or jeans can ruin your whole look. 

Meanwhile, keeping your toes warm is essential in winters. It is observed that you often tend to feel colder if your hands and feet aren't covered properly. Hence, a warm and thick pair of socks should be a part of the men and women accessories

Therefore head over to breakout for the trendy pair of socks that include prints such as camouflage, polka dots, stripes, bold stripes, text and many others. Not only this, we also have some cute and adorable pair of socks for your little ones as well. 

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